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Our Philosophy

We don't work in sales.

Insurance is often presented simply as a product, but we believe insurance is more than that. We aren't looking to sell you on anything. We're here to advise you on what your risk is and how you can be prepared for your worst-case scenario. That's why you'll get the coverage you need instead of the product someone wants you to buy.

We know our stuff.

Assessing what is at risk for you in your personal life or in your business operations takes knowledge and experience. Our staff has over twenty years of underwriting, brokerage, and retail experience. We understand the coverages we recommend and how they'll work for you. We know how to ask the right questions to best assess your risk. We also have relationships with multiple carriers and brokers to help us find competitive quotes.

We take customer service personally.

We love talking about insurance, so call or email us your best what-ifs and but-whys. We are helping you find coverage solutions for the things that matter most to you, so you deserve answers to your questions as they come up. 


What We Do

General Liability

Workers' Compensation

Commercial Property


Excess Liability


+ More






Personal Umbrella

+ More

We'll release articles on the basics and industry updates to help you make informed choices.

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Hometown Insurance - Hill & Mesa Agency

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Bartlesville, OK 74003 ​ |  918-350-4608

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